D-Link announces Thread-certified border router

D-Link and Silicon Labs has announced that the DSH-G300-TBR Thread Border Router has passed Thread specification compliance and interoperability testing to become the world´s first “Built on Thread” certified border router, the company said.

Thread´s mesh technology allows the DSH-G300-TBR to connect securely and reliably to the Internet and with a wide variety of smart home products as part of a self-healing mesh network, increasing connection reliability while minimizing power consumption.

D-Link´s Thread Border Router is equipped with Silicon Lab´s multiprotocol Wireless Gecko SoC, supporting Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh, and proprietary protocols. The DSH-G300-TBR features simplified IP bridging between the mesh network and the Internet with security provided at the network and application layers.

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world.

D-Link is a global provider of connecting people, businesses and cities. D-Link has grown from a group of seven friends since its founding in 1986 in Taiwan to more than 2,000 employees worldwide.