CYBERGYM addresses unease felt around supply chain and infrastructure security

CYBERGYM, a global network of cyber-warfare qualification and training arenas, has announced a timely program to train organizations on how to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks on their organizational hardware, the company said.

The new program is available in all of CYBERGYM´s cyberwarfare Arenas across the globe.

The training program was developed in response to media allegations that Chinese intelligence agencies installed surveillance chips in servers used across global critical civilian infrastructures, the US military and intelligence corps, as well as companies like Apple and Amazon.

Identifying and defending against hacks that occur at a hardware or infrastructure level requires advanced forensic analysis and extensive training. CYBERGYM´s newly developed program encompasses all forensic layers – memory, network, PLC and operating system – and enhances an organization´s anomaly detection skillset. Its unique multi-layered training not only imparts key personnel with critical forensics data collection skills, but also helps organizations to analyze, mitigate and even remediate some of the attack´s damage.

To make the training program as realistic as possible, CYBERGYM engineers and white-hat hackers have developed a virtual model of the surveillance chip identified in the Bloomberg report, in order to emulate its actual attack scenario, enabling trainees to respond to a real-life chain of events.