CybAero gains new shareholder

Swedish unmanned helicopter company CybAero said it has gained a new shareholder; Subversive Capital, a US fund, has acquired the remainder of California-based AeroVironment´s CybAero holding.

“We are delighted that Subversive Capital decided to become a major shareholder of CybAero and we look forward to working closely with them,” said CybAero CEO Mikael Hult. “We also remain committed to our partnership with AeroVironment. ”

Subversive Capital´s General Partner, Michael Auerbach, said, “CybAero´s product line APID ONE is a game-changing remote-piloted aircraft that fills a vacuum for commercially viable systems. We see this technology as a major disruptor to industries such as agriculture, pollution control, and maritime security monitoring, as well as a delivery system for humanitarian aid.”

Subversive Capital invests primarily in industries that require navigating complex political environments and regulatory regimes. Auerbach is also a Senior Vice President at Albright Stonebridge Group — a leading commercial diplomacy firm chaired by the US former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

CybAero develops and manufactures Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for safer and more cost-effective aerial operations in various environments, including those hazardous in nature.