Customer experience critical to business growth

Brands that are perceived as innovative and that also provide a great experience — meeting consumers´ needs where and when they are wanted — grew the most in value in the latest BrandZâ„¢ Top 100 Most Valuable US Brands ranking, as announced by WPP and Kantar Millward Brown, the company said.

The ground-breaking BrandZ study ranks the most valuable US brands, analyzes their strengths, and identifies the key forces driving growth in this dynamic and complex market. It is the second edition of an annual report that tracks and anticipates the evolving environment for brands in the US and charts their changing fortunes.

According to the report, customer experience is as important as being perceived as innovative for increasing brand value. As Americans engage with brands in more and more places, the brands that continually innovate customer experience are winning, growing 200% more than those that don´t.

The new number one, Apple, increased its brand value by 13% in the last year to USD 316.1 billion to become the most valuable US brand. Its continued innovation across an entire ecosystem of services — such as Apple Pay, iCloud and Siri – that wrap around its key devices including the new Apple Watch and iPhone X, ensures that Apple increasingly owns and transforms the user experience in a way that is very meaningful to consumers.

Netflix grew its value more than any other brand, increasing by 93% over the last year to USD 30.2 billion. Benefiting from the growing adoption of streaming entertainment worldwide, the streaming superpower has capitalized on personalizing its service with original and entertaining content and has grown its subscriber base to 137 million, propelling it to no.28 in the ranking and the second most valuable entertainment brand behind Disney. Other fastest risers are PayPal (up 88%, no.19) and Amazon (up 69%, no.3).

Uber, the most valuable newcomer to the ranking (in at no.35, USD 21.1 billion), provides the best brand experience, according to US consumers, scoring above Amazon and Apple. It was also one of the most innovative brands in the ranking, ahead of Amazon and Tesla.