Cuba Travel Services to launch daily flight service from Miami to Havana and Santa Clara.

Cuba Travel Services, the travel company serving the destination for nearly 20 years, has announced the launch of new charter services between Miami and Cuba, the company said.

Cuba Travel Services launched new charter services aimed at capturing unique market demands currently underserved by scheduled carriers.

The current routes include Miami – Havana / Miami – Santa Clara and will continue with plans to expand new routes in the Spring and Summer of 2018.

With nearly 20 years of experience providing services to authorized companies, groups and individuals, Cuba Travel Services is the travel company serving the destination from the United States.

Headquartered in California, Cuba Travel Services currently maintains offices in Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida. The company provides specialty travel services including charter flights, private aviation services, visa processing, OFAC call center support services, cruise and yachting programs, shipments of authorized cargo and other logistical and travel support services.