Cuba Travel Services responds to travel warning

On September 29, 2017, The US State Department issued a Cuba Travel Warning as a result of some unidentified attacks against numerous US Embassy employees; however Cuba Travel Services (CTS) does not have any reason to believe these alleged incidents pose any danger whatsoever to those traveling to Cuba, the department said.

In a briefing last month, the State Department spokeswomen said the incidents were not ongoing.

None of the 600,000 US citizens/residents that visited Cuba last year nor the nearly 500,000 who visited this year have been effected by the alleged incident.

The Cuba Travel Warning includes the entire country and is in direct contrast to other travel warnings and alerts, which normally address a specific region or city section. Some have dismissed the warning claiming they are motivated by Miami politics which have long influenced US — Cuba relations.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and JetBlue are all planning to operate as normal, the agency said. In addition to the long list of air carriers, cruise lines and tour operators continue to arrange travel to Cuba without interruption.