CUBA CANDELA lists new direct flight options to Havana, Cuba

CUBA CANDELA, a US company specializing in experiential travel to Cuba, has reported US airlines will begin offering direct commercial flights to Havana, Cuba on or around November 28 2016, according to fares currently published on US airline websites, the company said.

US travelers eager to see Cuba before its predicted development will find it easier to visit the island´s capital city, as US carriers will offer introductory pricing at less than half of what charters have historically charged for round-trip tickets to Havana.

Of the eight US airlines reportedly awarded flights to Havana by the US Department of Transportation, five currently have bookable fares available online, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

CUBA CANDELA offers experiences in Cuba, including instant-book five-day tours that can be booked on the company´s website