CTT Systems to fit Airbus ACJ330 with humidification system

Aircraft humidity control systems provider CTT Systems AB (STO: CTT) has announced Cairâ„¢ System VIP order from Comlux America LLC (Indianapolis, USA) to be installed during second part of 2016 in one Airbus ACJ330-200 VIP aircraft.

This is the 82nd Cairâ„¢ VIP order in total for Airbus ACJ/Boeing Business Jet.

Cairâ„¢ humidification reduces negative health and wellbeing impact from dry air on long-haul flights by maintaining the Relative Humidity on ground like levels that the human body is used and adapted to (i.e. human body and its membranes will not be exposed to quick de-hydration that otherwise is the case in an extremely dry cabin).

Comlux America is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the completion center dedicated to large VIP aircraft cabins. The center is fully approved by Airbus and Boeing.

CTT Systems provides humidity control products in aircraft, including anti-condensation systems preventing moisture problems in the aircraft and humidifiers for in-flight comfort and wellbeing for crew and passengers.