CSG builds agile foundation for South African digital carrier

CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS), a trusted partner to simplify the complexity of business transformation in the digital age, has announced that Rain now uses CSG´s monetization and activation solutions as the foundation for delivering innovative and disruptive products and services to its digital-savvy consumers, the company said.

CSG´s agile product and service delivery enabled the two organizations to deploy the solutions in just 90 days.

Rain is a disruptive new South African communications services provider focused on creating “change for better” with fast, reliable and affordable data coverage over its LTE-Advanced network. Rain will provide innovative digital services while relying on CSG´s solutions to enable fast time to market, and on its managed services to run the solutions over a three-year term.

CSG´s managed services will enable Rain to focus on revolutionizing the South African marketplace, and deliver the agility Rain needs to out-maneuver traditional and non-traditional competitors as its business grows.

CSG´s solutions will support the launch of Rain´s fixed and mobile data service in the coming months with CSG Singleview® for monetization, charging and CRM, and service activation using CSG Interactivate®.

CSG´s managed services serve some of the largest and most innovative service providers in the world, including Telstra, Telus and MTN.

CSG simplifies the complexity of business transformation in the digital age for the most respected communications, media and entertainment service providers worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, CSG delivers revenue management, customer experience and digital monetization solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Rain is a next-generation mobile network operator that provides simple, easy and transparent access to the Internet, connecting the people of South Africa to the limitless possibilities of the digital world.