CriticalBlue launches Approov

Binary level analysis and optimization company CriticalBlue has introduced Approov, software that identifies safe Internet traffic via a cloud-based sftware authentication service, the company said.

Unlike existing solutions the security is not wholly dependent on secrets embedded inside the app but instead uses a dynamic measurement at of the app environment at runtime to guarantee its integrity. Coupled with a simple integration approach, Approov delivers a new level of protection with negligible development or operational overhead.

Approov is a cloud service which verifies the authenticity of a mobile app instance and securely communicates the verdict to your backend server using industry standard JWTs. This establishes positive trust between your server and app with no impact on user experience. Approov consists of three elements:

CriticalBlue enhances software performance and security of its customers´ products. Patented binary level dynamic analysis technology underpins the delivery of tools and services offerings.