Crestron donation to Orbis advances Flying Eye Hospital medical training

Crestron has provided a USD300,000 donation to Orbis´s new mobile flying eye hospital, adding AV and automation technology that enhances the organization´s ability to deliver ophthalmological training to doctors in underserved areas worldwide, the company said.

The two organizations showcased the capabilities of this state-of-the-art surgical suite at a recent event in Newark, New Jersey.

A global non-profit organization, Orbis´s mission is to help medical professionals treat the estimated 285 million global cases of blindness and visual impairment. Many of those affected live in areas without access to treatment for common conditions, such as cataracts.

The flying eye hospital´s medical doctors travel to underserved regions to operate on those who need surgery for these conditions. The plane not only features an operating theatre, laser treatment room, and recovery room, but also has a 46-seat classroom.

Orbis is an international non-profit that fights blindness and equips developing nations with the skills, resources and knowledge they need to deliver quality eye care to all their people.