CREDO to donate over USD 150,000 to progressive nonprofits

Mobile carrier CREDO will donate more than USD 150,000 to Americans for Tax Fairness, Detention Watch Network and Rainforest Action Network, the company said.

Throughout March, CREDO invites its members and the public to vote on the distribution of funds at CREDO Donations.

Since 1985, CREDO has donated more than USD 83m to progressive organizations fighting for women´s rights, economic justice, voting rights, climate justice and more. By choosing CREDO products and services, members generate donations for these causes. Their everyday acts of commerce support CREDO Action, a social change network with 5m activists, and CREDO Donations, the company´s philanthropy program.

CREDO gives monthly donations to support nonprofits when action is most critical. This month, voters can take a stand for economic justice, immigrant rights and climate justice.

Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) is a diverse campaign of national, state and local organizations united in support of a tax system that works for all Americans. A leading advocate for progressive tax reform, ATF works to ensure that corporations and the wealthy cannot evade US taxes through corporate inversions and other dodgy practices.

Founded in 1985, CREDO gives individuals the power to make positive social change every day. Whenever members use a CREDO product or service, they generate critical donations for progressive causes (at no extra cost) and fund vital activism work. Since 1985, CREDO has donated over USD 83m to progressive nonprofits, and the company has built a network of over 5m activists.