CPaT Global, All Nippon Airways Trading form marketing partnership

CPaT Global, LLC (CPaT) has entered into an exclusive marketing partnership for the Asia Pacific region with All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. (ANA Trading), the company said.

ANA Trading will represent CPaT´s distance learning solutions to airlines, flights schools, universities, and governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region. CPaT will work closely with ANA Trading´s sales team to serve clients collaboratively and develop enhanced products to meet the unique needs of the Asia-Pacific market.

CPaT Global provides aviation and airline distance learning products and services for most transport category fleet types as well as a full catalog of specialty training and general subjects. Courses can be delivered both on-line and off-line on multiple platforms. CPaT´s customers include the airlines, airline training organizations, governments, corporate flight departments, universities, and flight training academies.

ANA Trading, provides comprehensive training and support services to airlines around the world.