Corporation of Flight develops Split Power Engine to power flying cars

Corporation of Flight Inc. has announced the development of Split Power Engine, a new combustion engine platform that merges positive aspects of internal combustion engine designs, the company said.

The company said for flying car engines to be successful, the source of force needs to be separate from the speed of rotation. The power for flying cars is the combination of strength and speed or for flying cars, rotational force and rotational speed.

The Split Power Engine provides the extreme, rotational force and speed required to vertically lift a flying car.

With many of the global car and aircraft manufacturers now eyeing the flying car market, with researchers placing future monetary value well beyond trillions, Corporation of Flight has now opened the door for licensing.

Corporation of Flight Inc. is a development and licensing corporation focused on Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (VTOL) ranging from one person to 50-plus passenger aircraft for arrivals and departures in any location.