Corporación América Airports reports 6.9% increase in passenger traffic in May 2018

Private sector airport operator Corporación América Airports S.A. (NYSE: CAAP) has reported a 6.9% increase in passenger traffic in May 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, the company said.

The increase reflects a growth of 6.7% in Argentina, 6.4% in rail, a 17.2% increase in Peru and 11% in Ecuador.

Traffic growth in Argentina, Corporación América Airports´ core business segment, reflects ongoing addition of new routes, flights to existing destinations and the entrance of low-cost carriers.

Cargo volume was up 6.8% in May 2018. Aircraft movements increased by 5.4% in May 2018.

Corporación América Airports acquires, develops and operates airport concessions. The company is the largest private airport operator in the world by number of airports. The Company currently operates 52 airports in 7 countries across Latin America and Europe. The company served 76.6 million passengers in 2017.