CoreOS brings Kubernetes to AWS

CoreOS said it has announced an official Tectonic AWS integration, making it easy for companies to run Kubernetes on AWS.

Those interested in using Kubernetes on AWS can use the Tectonic AWS installer, available through the Tectonic Preview, or use the do-it-yourself CoreOS Kubernetes on AWS open source guides.

Tectonic provides businesses with a consistent environment to manage applications in containers from dev/test to cloud to data center.

The AWS Installer is made of a CloudFormation for launching Kubernetes on AWS, as well as kube-aws, a tool CoreOS developed to assist in automating your cluster deployment. The AWS Installer allows for elastic load balancing for Kubernetes Services, effortless scaling and a full transport security layer between Kubernetes components and users interacting with kubectl. This cluster setup is subject to regular conformance testing and is officially supported via Tectonic.

CoreOS, Inc. provides the components needed to build distributed systems to support application containers. CoreOS is the creator of Tectonic, an enterprise-ready platform that combines Google´s Kubernetes and the CoreOS stack for running Linux containers.