Copenhagen Airport installs eqo advanced people screening system to checkpoints

Copenhagen Airport said it has installed 18 of Smiths Detection´s advanced eqo millimetre-wave scanners to meet new EU regulatory requirements for enhanced passenger screening. It is the largest single deployment of eqo in Europe.

The eqo portal, which can detect threat items of any material hidden beneath clothing, will be used for additional checks at central and transit checkpoints when alarms or suspicions are raised during primary screening.

Passengers are scanned in seconds, providing an immediate result to the checkpoint officer who can see where eqo has identified any suspicious area on the body. A localised search greatly simplifies the process compared to the full body pat-down needed when traditional metal detector alarms go off.

Smiths Detection offers advanced security solutions in civil and military markets worldwide, developing and manufacturing government-regulated technology products that help detect and identify explosives, chemical and biological agents, radiological and nuclear threats, weapons, narcotics and contraband.