Consumers Pick Up the Phone When They Have Trusted Information About the Businesses Calling Them

Currently, over 75% of calls are left unanswered when the call comes from an unidentified or unfamiliar number, due to a spike in illegal robocalls, which reached 85 billion globally in 2018 — a 325% jump from 2017, according to information services provider iconectiv.

The new ATIS-SIP Forum Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN) framework from iconnectiv will help mitigate illegal robocalls so that consumers can once again trust the calling number displayed on their caller ID.

Since the SHAKEN framework attaches a digital signature to help consumers recognize authentic calls, law-abiding enterprises and other organizations may be at-risk of being caught in SHAKEN´s net by virtue of how they procure voice services.

To help avoid that from happening, service providers can now leverage authoritative data in iconectiv´s TruReach Intel software as a service (SaaS) solution to help fully authenticate legitimate calls from business customers.

When deployed by a service provider, TruReach Intel will provide a verified association between the business and the caller ID being used when the originating service provider has not provided that telephone number to the business. This allows more calls to be fully authenticated and consequently more calls to be delivered, which is essential to getting these calls answered again and letting legitimate commercial callers get back to business. This also maximizes the reach, effectiveness and ROI of legitimate businesses´ omni-channel marketing initiatives and outbound customer service programs.

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