Connecthings launches augmented location platform

Connecthings, a provider of location-based mobile application solutions, has announced the launch of Herow, an augmented location platform that provides mobile application developers and marketers with the tools and user insights needed to transform the way they deliver valuable, personalized mobile user experiences, the company said.

Leveraging a decade-long understanding of the city fabric, hyper-precise location technology, and machine learning algorithms, Herow by Connecthings helps mobile application developers and marketers optimize services and deliver experiences based on the context of their users in real time.

Respondents to the recent survey reported only half of the notifications they receive are relevant to their situation (time, place and activity); more than 60 percent reported the most annoying aspects of notifications are lack of relevancy and poor timing.

Herow´s augmented location technology collects and analyzes 2,000 data points per user per day. As the data gets richer, so does its analytics and developers´ ability to improve the efficacy and longevity of their applications.

Privacy is top-of-mind for both companies and consumers. In addition to the European General Data Protection Regulation, many US states are proposing regulations that will impact how businesses consume and store data. Survey respondents reported that although they are willing to share location data with family, friends and even their favorite brands, 72 percent believe that data should not be shared with third parties.

Herow applies a two-layer opt-in approach to location-sharing permissions. Location and behavioral data are used exclusively by applications to customize experiences. Connecthings does not save historical data or share it with any third-party services. Users can request to opt out and have information deleted by applications at any time.

With more than a decade of bridging the gap between the digital and physical urban landscape, Connecthings is the provider of augmented location technology. Leveraging a deep knowledge of the city fabric, hyper-precise location technology and machine-learning algorithms, Herow by Connecthings helps mobile applications understand the context of users — in real time — in order to deliver relevant, timely experiences. With five offices across three continents, Connecthings now counts hundreds of clients — including more than 60 cities — and 3 patents in Europe and the Americas. To learn how augmented location is transforming mobile application experiences, visit