Connected2Fiber launches Market Explorer

Connected2Fiber, a cloud platform built for the connectivity industry, has announced the launch of their newest module, Market Explorer, the company said.

Integrated into The Connected World Platform, Market Explorer strengthens the account targeting efforts of network providers by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in a given market.

Providing users with the ability to answer critical business questions in real-time that require deep, trusted location intelligence opens up a variety of compelling use cases for the new module, including more accurate sales targeting to maximize revenue and sales acceleration as well as optimization of product pricing down to the building-level.

Connected2Fiber empowers network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, accelerating leads through the funnel, and unleashing growth. Connected2Fiber´s visual interface allows sales teams and B2B marketers to target the best locations with the full perspective of serviceability, demand and competitive dynamics.