Comtrade Digital Services utilises Viber Banking platform

Comtrade Digital Services has created an automated banking platform for one of the world´s leading messaging apps, Viber, the company said.

The transformative new solution is set to shake up the payments world, allowing users to carry out a range of banking transactions entirely through a chat-bot.

With the tap of a finger, Viber users of participating banks will now be able to instantly send and transfer money. They will also be able to check their bank balance and access other banking services directly through the app. Recipients of Viber payments will be able to instantly retrieve the money sent to them by using a QR code at an ATM or going to their local branch.

Comtrade Digital Services is part of Comtrade Group, a leading IT provider with offices in 11 countries across Europe and North America. The group was established in 1990 and operates through 16 companies with a global staff base of over 1,500.

Comtrade Digital Services provides end-to-end technology products and solutions across a number of industries including government, financial institutions, healthcare, mobility, travel and logistics.