Comtech Telecommunications releases VersaFEC-2

Comtech Telecommunications Corp.´s Tempe, AZ subsidiary Comtech EF Data Corp. has released VersaFEC-2 High-Performance LDPC option board and version 1.5 for the CDM-570A/L-IP Satellite Modems, the company said.

The CDM-570A entry-level point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution provides the efficiency, intelligence and horsepower required to support the ever-increasing demands of enterprise, energy and maritime users.

The VersaFEC-2 waveform is a version of the industry-leading VersaFEC waveform. VersaFEC-2 was designed to provide optimal performance for latency sensitive applications that require the highest coding performance at the lowest latency. It features 74 modulation and coding combinations (ModCods) and a new family of constellations that allows better operation on non-linear satellite channels, outperforming the DVB-S2 standard.

VersaFEC-2 is available as an optional plug-in board for the CDM-570A/L-IP Satellite Modems. Presence of the VersaFEC-2 board enables VersaFEC-2 operation up to the modem´s purchased data rate and symbol rate.

Comtech EF Data Corp., a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL) and part of Comtech´s Commercial Solutions segment, provides satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. designs, develops, produces and markets innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. The company sells products to a diverse customer base in the global commercial and government communications markets.