Comtech Telecommunications Gets USD 2.2M Funding from US Army

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL) has announced that during its first quarter of fiscal 2020, its Mission-Critical Technologies group, which is part of Comtech´s Government Solutions segment, received incremental funding of USD 2.2 million, which is part of the previously announced USD 98.6 million ceiling contract to provide the US Army with global field support services for military satellite communication (“SATCOM”) terminals around the world, the company said.

The contract has been funded USD 24.4 million to date.

The Army´s mission-critical ground SATCOM terminals provide inter and intra-theater network communications with worldwide reach back capability. The field support contract covers diverse engineering and technical skills to support these SATCOM terminals, including logisticians, help desk, network engineering, security engineering, RF and satellite system engineering and support.

The Mission-Critical Technologies group is a provider of mission-critical, highly mobile C4ISR and other advanced secure wireless communications.

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