Comtech Telecommunications Gets USD 1.3M in Orders in Middle East

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL) has announced that during its fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, its Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., which is part of Comtech´s Commercial Solutions segment, received USD 1.3 million in orders for advanced satellite modems, WAN optimization and redundancy switches, the company said.

The equipment will be utilized to support cellular LTE backhaul for a service provider in the Middle East.

The CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking and Broadcast Modem is the most widely deployed high-speed trunking modem in the industry, and supports GEO, MEO and LEO operation at up to 1.4 Gbps per second. The service provider will utilize the CDM-760 and the FX WAN optimizers to support its LTE traffic. This integrated and unique solution automatically adapts in real-time to changing end user demands on the ground and to link conditions over the satellite.

Comtech EF Data Corp. is a supplier of communications equipment with a focus on satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. The high-performance satellite communications ground equipment is deployed globally to support mission-critical and demanding applications for government, mobile backhaul, premium enterprise and mobility. For more information, visit