Comprehensive Guide To Compare Forex Brokers

Forex trading indicates foreign exchange. It involves converting one nation’s currency into another for the purpose of making profit out of it. As per the data from the bank for international settlements, the average forex trading volume is above $5.1 trillion daily.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is to exchange different currencies for making profit out of them. There are sites or forex brokers that help in profitable and reliable forex trading. The value of currencies depends on a lot of factors. For instance, a country that wants to purchase iron from another country. To make this deal possible, the another country needs to pay the amount for iron in the currency of the latter country. This changes the value of both countries’ currency.

Some take forex trading as an investment and thus try to create money from these transactions. They invest in the assets of another country with high currency value and withdraw their money when they gain profit.

What Do You Mean By A Forex Broker?

There is no marketplace to trade currencies. If companies are interested in exchanging currency, then they go to a platform known as a forex broker. There can be several types of forex brokers with different levels of control and information. Some forex brokers might only offer you investment. At the same time, other brokers may provide your account management along with fund control. Companies or a person willing to create a huge amount of money from forex brokers cannot be ignorant about the best ways to compare forex brokers.

How To Compare Forex Brokers?

While the platform is not a success for all, it may turn out for you. The success depends on the right choice of forex brokers along with experience and knowledge.

1. Licensed forex Broker:

Frauds can happen anywhere and with anyone. To avoid any financial frauds during forex trading, make sure that you choose only licensed forex brokers’ platforms. There are regulatory bodies that regulate these platforms and license them. Few such trusted regulatory bodies are given below:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of UK
  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission of Australia
  • Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand
  • Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority of Switzerland

There are many more regulatory bodies, but these bodies come on top of the list. Ensure that you choose a forex broker, which is recommended by these bodies. The license given to any forex broker platform ensures that your money is reaching its destination.

2. Transaction Cost:

Trading over forex broker platforms is not free. You have to pay at least some amount of money to a broker that you are using for a transaction. Every forex breaker has a minimum transaction cost. So, after making the list of all licensed brokers, the next thing you should look for is their transaction cost. Compare all brokers’ transaction costs.

3. Freedom to Deposit and to Withdraw:

There are brokers’ sites that restrict your earnings from withdrawing. Or they will try to obstruct the easy path of deposits into the fund. The best broker is someone who gives you the complete freedom to deposit and withdraw at any time. This facilitates all the control over your money. Thus, it is mandatory to look for such broker sites that do not try to interrupt your business.

Forex brokers do not have any right to display the withdrawal process. In case if they do so, an action can be taken against them. This is an important factor to look for because there are cases where the broker delays the withdrawal process and transfers all the withdrawal money into their account. Thus, you should consider forex brokers regulated by the above-mentioned regulatory bodies.

Some Other Factors to Choose Forex Broker

1. Support Advanced Technology:

The best forex broker must support smooth interaction with the link operating at high frequency. This helps in trading at various links without any technical issues. Not only should they support links operating at high frequency, but they should also have trading strategies and analytics tools. This is to make the life of a trader easier. If the forex broker supports the trading tools then, the trader can make the right choice as he/she will be able to read the market trends and their flow.  The traders control all trading sessions on the forex broker. If any forex broker fails to do so, they are not reliable.

2. Work with Secured Brokers:

Security is the prime factor when it comes to trading. It is when nobody gets access to operate your account or to even examine your account. Some brokers give complete access to your account to another person where he could trade using your money or can even withdraw your earnings. Forex brokers should value your privacy and do not try to put false obstacles while trading. CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) or NFA (National Futures Association) are the organizations that prevent fraud from happening on these platforms. So one should select a forex broker registered with these organizations.

3. Check the Feedback:

It might be possible that you have missed out on some points while selecting the best forex broker. Besides, there can be no site willing to put the downside of brokers. So, it is always better to read feedback to avoid any frauds. People share their experiences with these brokers on various sites. These opinions will not only make you aware of the worst situation but also help you to choose the best. Forex academy is an online platform where you can get feedback. Moreover, experience and many other reviews are posted there by the users.


Apart from investing in forex trading, you need to invest in a good forex broker. You need to compare the forex brokers and check for everything before investing. This includes keeping the check on the transaction fee, a licensed broker, and others. Ask for other customers’ experiences too. This helps you make a better decision.