CompareCards study finds Denver has the most crowded flights has announced it looked at 2018 data for 100 of the largest airports and compared the number of passengers to the number of available seats on departing flights to discover the airports with the most and least crowded flights, the company said.

One of life´s under appreciated joys of flying is arriving at your assigned seat and discovering that no one is sitting next to you. It´s almost like getting an instant — and free — flight upgrade to a seat with more space. Sadly, departing from an airport on a congested flight means you´re less likely to land one of these coveted seating arrangements.

Most crowded airports:
• The airport with the most crowded flights is Denver International Airport. In 2018, there were 36.7 million available seats on flights departing from Denver International and about 31.7 million of those seats were occupied. That means Denver International had an occupancy rate of 86.4%.
• Coming in second is Orlando International Airport. This airport saw overall less traffic than Denver with just 27.3 million available seats. But flights out of Orlando International were still quite full. The average flight was filled to 85.6% of capacity.
• Hovering around 85% capacity is another Colorado Airport: Colorado Springs Airport. Flights departing this airport had 1.05 million available seats and 890,000 people filled them.

Least Crowded Flights:
• Dayton International Airport in Ohio filled just 72.6% of its possible 1.2 million seats.
• Flights out of Kona International Airport in Hawaii were filled to just 73.6% of capacity, the second-lowest rate in the study.
• Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska, was the third least-crowded airport with 73.9% of the available seats on flights out of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport were filled.
• One outlier at the bottom of the list is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This Washington, DC-area airport was one of the larger ones in the study to rank in the bottom 20. Reagan National Airport had 14.47 million seats available in 2018 and 11.4 million passengers. Only 78.8% of seats on flights out of Reagan National were occupied.

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