CompareCards releases list of best and worst airports for 2019 holiday travel

CompareCards´ 2019 has announced it has released findings of its study on the Best and Worst Airports for holiday travel, the company said.

The company analyzed holiday flight delays and cancellations among the 50 busiest US airports to find out which airports have the worst track records when it comes to getting to your destination on time.

Key Findings

The Best:
-Most On-Time Flights During Holiday Travel Season: Honolulu. Travelers leaving Honolulu can expect the most reliable air travel, with 86% of flights reaching their destinations on time. Kahului, Hawaii isn´t too far behind with 85% of flights reaching their destinations within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival times. Portland comes in third with 78.4% of flights arriving on time.
-Least Cancellations: Honolulu has the least flight cancellations, with .4% of flights facing cancellations. Kahului isn´t far behind with cancellations to only .5% of holiday flights, and Seattle comes in third with .7% of holiday flights cancelled.
-More than one in three flights originating at these airports were delayed: Chicago Midway, Chicago O´Hare, Newark, Denver and Houston Hobby.

The Worst:
-Chicago #1 for Most Flight Delays. The study shows that Chicago-area airports are the most likely to have flights delayed during the holiday season. In fact, just 63% of flights out of Chicago´s Midway airport reached their destinations on time, the worst of any airport reviewed. At nearby O´Hare, it´s not much better, with only 65% of flights reaching their destinations within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival times. Just under 4% of flights are canceled there. Additionally, the worst day to fly out of Chicago is December 22.
-Newark is #1 for Most Flight Cancellations: Not only does the New Jersey airport have the third-worst flight delay record on the list, with just over 65% of departing flights arriving on time, it also has the distinction of having the highest December holiday cancellation rates, with a 10-year average of 4%.

CompareCards analyzed 10 years of Department of Transportation flight data (2009 — 2018) for the 50 busiest airports in the US for travel dates Dec. 20-31 each year. On-time is defined as flights departing the airport that reach their destination within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time.