Company Cars: An Introduction

Company cars are a simple concept, but one that some businesses are reluctant to invest in. Whether you consider yourself to be a large or small outfit though, there is plenty that a company car could offer your company.

In this regard, here is a quick introduction to company cars. With a range of cars available for your company, from manufactures such as Lexus, there is an unparalleled amount of choice available. This means that you do not need to rush into a decision regarding which model you choose to select. In fact, taking the time to assess all of the options available is the best way to make sure that you choose an option that suits the specific needs of your business most effectively.

The Financial Side

Company cars, like anything, carry additional costs that need to be considered. In a business situation this is mainly a case of deciding what level of expense is justifiable.

First of all, company cars can be simply purchased or leased. The range of car ownership schemes available offer numerous options, allowing you to choose the methods that most efficiently suit the financial limitations of your company.

Additionally, there are also the running costs associated with a vehicle. Chief amongst these will be the respective company car tax. Before you take up any car, you should be aware of the running expenses involved; this can easily be figured out with a Company Car Tax Calculator.

Alongside this you also have the more obvious expense of fuel. This, in turn, comes down to two factors; how much the car is driven and the fuel efficiency of the car. For the former, this will depend on your business and the amount of times the vehicle is used for personal reasons. If you have employees that need to travel long distances for meetings or business, for instance, then the issue of fuel consumption will obviously require significant consideration.

If you’re looking to reduce costs wherever you can, a more effective, fuel efficient model would be a good start. This can also occasionally bring taxes down, which reward green technology and other carbon emission-reducing vehicles.

Benefits: Image and Advertising

Depending on the nature of your business, your public image might be particularly important. As such, your company car needs to reflect this.

A fleet of vehicles provides an impressive and high quality appearance, with the potential for free advertising. This allows people to instantly recognise your brand. It is worth noting that if the car is also used for personal use then this advertising will extend even further.

Likewise, when dealing with clients and other meetings where first impressions and presentation can count for a great deal, a car can go a long way in this regard. You wouldn’t let your top salesmen enter a room poorly or inappropriately dressed, so why would you do the same with a car? The right choice of car can suggest a sensible business nature that speaks volumes about your company.