Companies unveil Wallet Card

Dynamics Inc., in conjunction with international banks, card issuers, payment networks, and telecommunication operators today unveiled Wallet Cardâ„¢ — the “world´s first” connected, secure payment card, the company said.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) also recognized the Wallet Card and the Wallet Card Consortium members with four CES Innovation awards including the Best of Innovation Award for Security Technologies. It was an honoree for Computers, Embedded Technologies, and Technologies for a Better World. This marks the first time in history a payments consortium has been awarded the consumer electronics industry´s most prestigious award.

Dynamics´ Wallet Card is a full telecommunications platform in the same size and shape as a normal credit or debit card. The Wallet Card is the first IoT Cardâ„¢ from Dynamics. With almost 200 internal components, this Internet of Things device incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies.

The Consortium was assembled by Dynamics Inc. and includes a number of the world´s banks, payments networks, and carriers. A mission of the consortium is to improve security and functionality of payments and cards.

Dynamics has three business units — an intelligent card, value-added processing, and phone payment technology business unit. The company´s intelligent card division has introduced market defining card products such as the world´s first multiple account card (Canada), the world´s first password protected card (Asia), and the world´s first multiple co-brand card (USA). More information on the company, its technology and applications can be found at