Companies to integrate innovative wireless IoT data security solution

eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada´s coast-to-coast public low power network optimized for the Internet of Things [IoT], ESCRYPT, a global provider of software and communications security, and OrbiWise, developers of OrbiWAN[TM], the LoRaWANâ„¢ network server, have announced the integration of ESCRYPT´s new KMS for LoRaWAN[TM] with the OrbiWAN[TM] server on eleven-x´s network, bringing unprecedented levels of data security to all Smart City and IoT applications utilizing the network, the companies said.

The new solution tackles the issue of secure key management by securely storing unique keys for LoRaWAN[TM] devices in the ESCRYPT KMS for LoRaWAN[TM] system.

The secure handling of the keys through this system allows the full security that is inherent in LoRaWAN[TM] to be fully realized while removing the expense and risk of manual key handling.

Supporting the use of low-cost battery powered sensors, the eleven-x network addresses IoT applications where requirements include wireless connectivity, devices that require long battery life, no maintenance and a low total cost of ownership.

ESCRYPT is the system provider for embedded security world-wide. For further information:

OrbiWise SA is an international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRaWANâ„¢ technology and is a Contributor Member of the LoRaâ„¢ Alliance. For more information:

eleven-x, a Contributing Member of the LoRa Allianceâ„¢, is a next-generation network operator enabling the Internet of Things [IoT]. Visit for more information.