Companies focus on easternmost direct interconnectivity point between Europe, US

Four companies, focused on four key areas of services, have partnered to offer the first holistic solution that delivers best-of-breed colocation, connectivity, Internet, and subsea cable solutions, the partnership said.

The partnership is an amalgamation of companies brought to market collectivity by 1025Connect (for colocation); Aqua Comms (transatlantic subsea connectivity); DE-CIX (the Internet Peering Exchange), and Epsilon (a global network service provider providing on-demand SDN connectivity solutions).

1025Connect´s data center and colocation facilities serves as the central point where Aqua Comms´ AEC-1 cable lands and Epsilon and DE-CIX platforms are available. Any customer connected to Epsilon´s SDN platform, Infiny, can now design, provision, and manage network connectivity from its dense European footprint across AEC-1, the shortest subsea route between the United States and Ireland.

This consists of inter datacenter, cloud or Internet exchange connections, including to the Internet exchange DE-CIX. DE-CIX customers can leverage the company´s direct peering options or its GlobePEER Remote capabilities to reach more than 1,100 unique global networks with nearly 200 locally available directly from 1025Connect´s Long Island data center.

1025Connect is Long Island´s premier network-neutral Meet-Me Room for network interconnection and colocation, located at 1025 Old Country Road in Westbury, New York.

Aqua Comms DAC is an Irish Carriers´ Carrier specialising in building and operating submarine cable systems and supplying fibre pairs, spectrum and capacity networking solutions to the global media, content and carrier markets.

With access to DE-CIX North America´s Internet Exchange Platform, operators gain more control of their networks and access to world-class content providers, as well as IP transit, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and blackholing services to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks.

Epsilon is a global Cloud-centric Network Service Provider, extending carrier grade connectivity services to the world´s communications and cloud ecosystems.

Situated within 1025Connect, Infiny is now the easternmost SDN exchange in the USA. A connection to Epsilon provides customers access to an interconnected mesh of 100 datacenters across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.