Communications Technology Services named Ranplan Preferred System Integrator with "Honors"

Communications Technology Services (CTS), a trusted system integrator for major wireless service providers, private enterprise and venue owners announces a preferred partnership with Ranplan Wireless, the company said.

Throughout, CTS will be leveraging Ranplan´s Heterogeneous design capabilities and modern cloud-based platform to help deliver the next-generation 5G connected communities, under the Ranplan Precision Design Initiative.

CTS has established themselves as the first Ranplan preferred partner to be recognized with a “Master-Level” Certified Heterogenous Design Engineer. This is a result of all CTS design and engineering teams recently completing an intense training and certification program. These sessions were focused on advancing design competencies beyond the traditional in-building and legacy macro only design methods, with design engineers reaching the highest level of product proficiency.

As a Preferred System Integrator (“PSI”) and having Master-Level representation, CTS has extended their leadership role and services portfolio allowing them to provide innovative heterogenous design services capable of providing the telecommunication industry “community-based” design solutions that consider the impact to, or of, the targeted structure with outdoor small cells, O-DAS and macro sectors in conjunction with traditional in-building design.

Communication Technology Services, known in the industry as CTS, is the industry leader and a trusted integrator for all major wireless service providers, having successfully deployed over 9,000 distributed antenna systems nationwide.

Ranplan Wireless is an innovative wireless technology company that has developed the World´s only solution that can plan, design and optimize in-building and outdoor wireless networks in coordination.