Communications company chooses Zayo for dark fiber

A major communications and media company has selected Zayo for long haul dark fiber connectivity in the Northeast, the company said.

The solution, which is fully on-net, requires limited capital expenditure and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017. The total contract is valued at approximately nine million dollars.

The sale includes a four-fiber route from a data center in the Northeast, to the company´s operations center in the same region. It will provide diverse high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity, designed to prevent costly, customer-impacting downtime.

Increasingly, carriers, content and media companies rely on network diversity as a key element of business continuity strategy. To ensure uninterrupted service in the event of a network disruption, customers need back-up networks with diverse connectivity from their primary networks.

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) provides communications infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud services.