CommScope Offers New 5G Antennas, Connectors and Power Solutions

To support the surge of 5G rollouts around the world, CommScope has announced several antenna solutions, connectors and power options to make it simpler and faster for wireless operators to build their networks, the company said.

CommScope´s new antennas address the issues of limited space and installation.

Narrow width antennas: Adding capacity to sites with zoning restrictions or where structural loading is limited can be challenging. For those concerned about size, CommScope offers antennas in multiple lengths and bands with a 14% narrower width and 15% lower wind loading and is the only one in the industry to offer 4 mid-band arrays for 43 cm and 3 mid-band arrays in 39 cm which allows operators to attach more radios to a single antenna.

Zero footprint solution: CommScope´s zero footprint solutions address the issue of limited space and installation complexity through:
A modified CommScope base station antenna that includes 8T8R functionality, mounting brackets to attach the antenna to the pole, and mount points on the back of the antenna;
Connection to an 8T8R radio provided by the operator; and
Custom connectivity solutions such as jumper cables, radio mount and cable management brackets, as well as a service to attach and verify the installation.

CommScope is introducing the M-LOC cluster connector to support the increase in antenna port quantities resulting from multiple bands on a single antenna. In fewer than five years, port counts have grown from fewer than 10 to easily above 20 on a single antenna. M-LOC enables up to five network connections on a single push and lock motion reducing installation time by more than 75 percent and removes ports connections uncertainty to 8T8R and 4T4R antennas and ensure best in class Return Loss, Passive intermodulation and attenuation performances.

The rollout of 5G means more remote radio units that are high powered and, in some regions, a shift to massive MIMO architecture. To address the power needs that accompany this rollout, CommScope is offering a new version of its PowerShift line of products that is a single-rack unit, supporting up to 2,000 wattage per circuit, with power connectors in the front. The single rack-unit option addresses the issue of limited space while the front connections offer easier access for installers.

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