Commonwealth of Dominica to build 1st international airport

Commonwealth of Dominica has announced it is prepared to build the island´s first international airport, following the approval of 213 properties it needed to acquire for the airport construction, the company said.

The government had been saving USD 5 million every month over the past few years from the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme specifically for the construction of the new airport.

After extensive amiable negotiations with land owners, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said that the government has made major progress towards the much-anticipated construction of the new airport. A group of international experts will first carry out a series of geotechnical studies in August. Besides the construction of the airport itself, the government will build new homes for some impacted residents.

The government has completed the necessary surveys and the Cabinet has approved for the acquisition of 213 properties, of which 47 are farms. The total market value of these properties is estimated at USD 50.7 million dollars.

Dominica is one of the least affected countries by Covid-19 and has an attractive ecotourism offering. Borders reopened for tourists on August 7th. Until the new international airport is complete, visitors can reach Dominica through connecting regional flights.