Commercial UAV manufacturers add improved batteries to enable longer flights on a single charge

Business Research Company has reported unmanned commercial aerial vehicle manufacturers are implementing improved batteries in their UAVs that could fly for longer and farther on a single charge, the company said.

Business Research has released Global Unmanned Commercial Aerial Vehicles Market Research Report 2020: COVID-19 Growth and Change that outlines improvements in battery technology.

Lithium-ion batteries are replaced with lithium metal batteries which have twice the capacity and half the size when compared to the former ones. In April 2019, Cuberg, a US-based startup, with the support of Boeing and the US Department of Energy, developed the lithium metal battery that was used in a quadcopter that flew 70% longer than the one powered by a lithium-ion battery. It uses a non-flammable electrolyte that erases the safety risks associated with the common lithium-ion batteries.

The unmanned commercial aerial vehicle market is categorized by segment into fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor aerial vehicles, and rotary blade type UAVs. By end-user, the market is segmented into agriculture, energy, public utilities, construction, media and entertainment, government, and others.