Commerce Signals gets funding from OpenAir Equity Partners

Commerce Signals said it has secured USD4 million in a Series A funding round led by OpenAir Equity Partners.

Commerce Signals´ Federated Dataâ„¢ platform transforms the way companies share and collaborate on data. It enables data owners, such as mobile operators, payment entities and others to share their data, while ensuring it remains within their own infrastructures — an approach that lets them retain control over where and to whom data is sent, as well as the use for which it is intended.

At the same time, the Federated Data platform gives purchasers of data — digital ad companies, retailers, and others — the opportunity to access the rich customer insights generally held by the regulated sector. The Commerce Signals approach encourages trust and protects consumer privacy and data ownership, while facilitating value-added customer experiences and transactions.

Commerce Signals is the industry´s leading Federated Dataâ„¢ company. The company´s innovative framework allows retailers, mobile operators, banks and payment networks to manage permissioned use of data from their own secure infrastructure.