Commerce Dynamics tops IT services category in SponsorUnited report

Commerce Dynamics, a leader in Enterprise Marketplace solutions, has claimed the top position in SponsorUnited’s 2023 Sports Technology ‘Marketing Partnerships Report’ for IT/Network Services Firms.

Commerce Dynamics edged out other major players like Cisco Systems, Relo Metrics, Extreme Networks, and CDW.

The report analyzed brand sponsorships, endorsements and social engagement across the sports technology industry. It encompassed over 1,300 brands, 5,250 assets, and 11,000 social posts using SponsorUnited’s proprietary analytics platform. Data ranged from January 2021 through August 2023.

As per the report, IT and Network Services firms leverage sports partnerships to showcase products, collect fan data, enhance experiences, and provide real-time insights. Commerce Dynamics aims to continue pioneering Enterprise Marketplaces, empowering organizations to create customized, multi-seller Marketplaces.

“An overwhelming 98% of Pro Sports Executives engage with SponsorUnited,” stated Commerce Dynamics CEO Michael Grieve. “Their Sport Marketing/Technology report reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the NFL, MLB, NHL, F1, and AFL. We are excited to keep driving Marketplace excellence for our partners.”

Commerce Dynamics helps iconic global brands across industries build bespoke Enterprise Marketplaces through its OpenCanvas platform. OpenCanvas powers Marketplaces for clients like MLB, Hilton, NFL, NHL, F1, and more.

Both Gartner and Forrester have recognized Commerce Dynamics as a leader in Marketplace solutions. The company has featured in Gartner’s ‘2022 Marketplace Operations Application Guide’, as well as Forrester’s ‘The Marketplace Development Platforms Landscape,’ with both in agreement that Commerce Dynamics is among the top Marketplace technology providers in the world.