Collibra, Kaygen announce data governance integration

Collibra and Kaygen Enterprise Solutions said they have announced the general availability of the CollibraConnect® integration for Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ).

The company´s business-driven Data Governance solution includes real-time data quality metrics from Oracle® EDQ. Collibra´s industry leading Data Governance solutions enable rapid business capabilities and deliver trusted information.

“We are now making Data Governance a very pragmatic initiative with the enterprise by providing real-time visibility to data quality metrics,” said Tamer Chavusholu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kaygen. “We expect wide adoption of this platform within the Oracle community to achieve best-in-class Data Management and Governance.”

This product is available through Collibra or Kaygen, and enables organizations to expose data quality metrics to business users, data stewards, and data scientists in real-time, in turn enabling them to make decisions about the data quality and compliance issues. It also drives Collibra´s data issue automation, to automatically create issues if the data quality is outside certain parameters established by the stewards and business users. Organizations that use Collibra in conjunction with Oracle data quality can automate the continuous improvement of their data quality parameters.

Collibra Corporation is a global data governance provider founded to address data management from the business stakeholder perspective. Delivered through a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Collibra provides data stewardship, data governance and data management for the enterprise business user.

Kaygen Enterprise Solutions, Inc. is a premier professional services firm, an Oracle Platinum Partner, specialized in Information Management (EIM) and Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM).