Colleges, Universities Select Everbridge COVID-19 Shield

Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global provider of critical event management (CEM), has announced that several colleges and universities across multiple states selected the company´s industry-leading, end-to-end COVID-19 Shield: Return to Campus solution as administrators prepare to welcome students and teachers back to campus this Fall and beyond, the company said.

As higher education navigates the continued impact of COVID-19 on campuses, schools face a series of daunting tasks — how to properly and quickly inform students, faculty, and staff of potential coronavirus risks; how to comply with Clery guidelines requiring timely warnings of exposure and follow-up reporting; how to cope with lost revenue from closures and the lack of sporting and other large events on campus.

Everbridge´s solution helps colleges and universities reopen while digitally transforming the process to monitor potential exposures and effectively communicate across all key stakeholders, all while protecting student, faculty, and staff privacy.

With Everbridge´s COVID-19 Shield: Return to Campus solution, colleges and universities will be able to leverage core critical event management capabilities to mitigate a wide array of potential threats, spanning the coronavirus pandemic, active shooter situations, severe weather, IT outages, cyber-attacks and other incidents.

According to a recent EDUCAUSE Review article titled COVID-19 QuickPoll Results: Early Technology Practices to Support Campus Health, “Technology can contribute to pandemic health management, particularly in the areas of workplace safety management, health screening, and surveys gauging the readiness of students, faculty, and staff to return to campus.”

The Everbridge CEM platform protects students, faculty, and staff during critical events like COVID-19, severe weather, or violence on, or near, campus. The many colleges and universities leveraging the company´s critical event management solutions include UCLA, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, University of Maryland College Park, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Austin, Michigan State University, and Washington State University. Internationally, notable schools that deploy Everbridge solutions include Nord University in Norway, Technical University of Denmark, Imperial College London, and the American University of Paris.

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