Collaboration to develop and deliver extended reality experiences

Extended reality smartglasses leader ODG (Osterhout Design Group) has announced a strategic partnership with KDDI Corporation (TYO: 9433), a Japanese telecommunications operator, that will bring ODG´s next generation mobile computing platform to Japan, the company said.

The industry leaders will combine their vision and experience to capitalize upon the rapidly evolving business and consumer opportunity in Japan with the intention to market a Japanese version of ODG´s award-winning R-9 smartglasses.

Longer-term, the two intend to offer a portfolio of smartglasses that will be distributed by KDDI and will utilize the power of 5G to bring about a whole new level of immersion and mobility on ODG´s devices. The goal is to establish KDDI and ODG smartglasses as the provider of this progressive market.

ODG´s smartglasses and KDDI will deliver exciting new experiences to Japanese businesses and consumers. As a business productivity device at home or on the go, or as a consumer device that re-imagines today´s familiar favorites including email, browsing, gaming and entertainment, as well as richer, more interactive experiences where digital content interacts with, and informs the real world around you.

San Francisco-based ODG was founded in 1999 as a technology incubator and today is the provider of smartglasses and extended reality technologies, having just launched its 9th generation of smartglasses that deliver amazing augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality experiences.

KDDI is the second largest telecommunication service provider in Japan, offering both mobile and fixed-line communications. With its well-established base of over 50 million customers, and through mobile services and shops offering its “au” brand, KDDI is expanding its services into the “Life Design” business, which includes fintech, e-commerce and nationwide electric power utility services.