Collaboration between IoT standards bodies helps ensure secure, interoperable IoT

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a Internet of Things (IoT) standards body, and the Thread Group, an alliance addressing interoperability, security, power, and architecture challenges at the network layer, have announced the readiness of OCF-over-Thread, the company said.

Developed by Cascoda, a manufacturer of IoT semiconductors, OCF-over-Thread is now a certifiable solution that simplifies the development of end-to-end products for smart home, and smart commercial buildings. The Cascoda solution offers built-in interoperability and scalable security controls for both large and small IoT applications.

This collaboration — across IoT groups, companies and their respective technologies — helps ensure security, scalability, and reliability for the future of the IoT.

OCF and the Thread Group partnered to confirm compatibility between OCF´s secure application layer and Thread´s low-power and scalable IPv6-based network layer protocol. Thread is built on open standards to create IEEE 802.15.4 mesh networks that can easily and securely connect thousands of devices.

The Open Connectivity Foundation is dedicated to enabling an interoperable, scalable, reliable and secure Internet of Things for consumers, businesses and industries. OCF delivers a connectivity framework, IoTivity open source implementation, and certification program. OCF devices can securely communicate regardless of form factor, operating system, service provider, transport technology or ecosystem. Its solutions leverage industry standards that allow anyone to quickly build a complex device from a consistent set of building blocks and provided tools, driving scalability and interoperability. OCF specifications are ratified by ISO/IEC JTC1. Join our 400+ membership and learn more at

Formed in 2013, the non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the foundation for the Internet of things in homes and commercial buildings. Built on open standards, Thread is a low-power wireless networking protocol that enables direct, end-to-end, secure and scalable connectivity between IoT devices, mobile devices, and the Internet. And, because Thread is IP-based, it seamlessly integrates with many environments, apps, devices and clouds. The Thread Group provides a rigorous certification program to ensure device interoperability and a positive user experience.

Founded in 2007, Cascoda is an award-winning fabless semiconductor company established with the purpose of developing and exploiting the most advanced, cost-effective, secure, ultra-low-power radio systems for short-range wireless communications.