Cohere forms 5G technical advisory board

Cohere Technologies has formed a technical advisory board to assist the company in bringing its groundbreaking OTFS wireless waveform technology to market, the company said.

The board members are major figures in academia and business who are responsible for many of the technology breakthroughs that enable today´s high-speed wireless and mobile services.

The board´s efforts will complement the public support Cohere has already received from several of the world´s top wireless carriers calling for an investigation into OTFS and its potential to play a role in 5G.

The technical advisory board will be led by Dr. Hadani and Dr. Anton Monk, Cohere´s vice president of strategic alliances and standards. The initial board members are Andrea Goldsmith, Robert Calderbank, Robert Heath, and Arogyaswami Paulraj

Cohere Technologies is developing a 3D modulation scheme to deliver the promise of 5G with 100% coverage, 10x spectral efficiency and a 50% cost savings over existing solutions by perfectly capturing the wireless channel.