Coflyt introduces aviation app to support aircraft management solutions

The Coflyt team has announced the launch of its new aviation app to benefit any pilot, flight school, flight club, or mechanic involved with the ownership and care of general aviation aircraft, the company said.

With the Coflyt app, pilots will be able to fully automate their aircraft management.pilots will be able to fully automate their aircraft management for better communication across their ownership team, which can include partners, A&Ps, insurance brokers or their flying club.

The App offers:

• Maintenance insights to keep the aircraft ownership team informed about maintenance items or squawks
• Aircraft status to view required VFR/IFR inspection statuses
• Shared aircraft management to log flights by multiple pilots and analyze usage
• The ability to share aircraft information with a pilot´s A&P or others involved in the aircraft´s management.
• Track FAA compliance with inspections and suggested maintenance
• Record squawks and provide visibility to others
• Log aircraft flight times and provide reports on usage
• Create reservations and view aircraft availability
• Share information with all aircraft users
• Provide financial tools for partners within the app and more

Coflyt was founded by two pilots to provide the latest in technology to general aviation to improve the ownership and flying experience.