COD students compete in 7th NASA robotic mining competition

Students at College of DuPage have been invited to participate in the 2016 NASA Robotic Mining Competition held at NASA´S Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the college said.

The competition is geared toward undergraduate and graduate student teams that are required to design and build a mining robot that could navigate a simulated Martian terrain, excavate as much simulated Martian regolith and gravel and deposit the material into a collection bin.

This year´s NASA Robotic Mining Competition included competitors from more than 40 schools across the country.

Weighing in at 58 kilograms, 21 kilograms less than last year´s robot and 22 kilograms under the competition´s 80-kilogram limit, the robot features a six-inch diameter auger for digging, a bin to carry and transport the payload and a conveyor belt mechanism to dump the payload into the receptacle at the competition. Remote control is achieved through a repurposed Xbox gaming console controller connected to a laptop and a Raspberry Pi transmitter.

College of DuPage is a two-year community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.