CNC Technologies deploys custom airborne mission suite

CNC Technologies, an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, has announced its selection by the Ontario Police Department to deploy an airborne mission suite for the Department´s Air Support Unit, the company said.

Custom developed to support the Ontario PD´s multi-faceted mission profile, the new solution enables real time transmission of HD video and data to fixed and mobile receive sites across the Southern California region.

CNC is all aspects of the project, which includes design, integration, officer training and ongoing 24/7 service and support. The new system incorporates state of the art image capture, transmission and receive technologies while also providing full interoperability with existing infrastructure and with the technology assets of regional partners. Additional functionality comes via an augmented reality-equipped moving map system, which enables air crews to overlay critical information such as street names and addresses on top of live video feeds.

CNC Technologies can deploy any level of solution from implementing a real-time microwave downlink capability to building out a nationwide counterterrorism network encompassing aircraft, ground-based receive sites, imaging platforms and encrypted communications systems for sovereign state clients. The CNC Technologies team also has extensive experience supporting Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) projects funded by the US Department of Homeland Security.

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, government and military markets. Providing custom aerial surveillance, data transmission and counterterrorism solutions, the CNC team brings decades of experience deploying local, national and global communications networks for the world´s most demanding operators. CNC works with clients around the globe, delivering customized mission suite solutions tailored to match each organization´s specific mission requirements and backed by unparalleled 24/7 service and support. The company is online at