Clutch survey reveals 36% of online shoppers favor purchasing items delivered by drone

Clutch has announced that according to its new survey of 528 online shoppers, drone delivery increases purchase intent for more than one-third of consumers, the company said.

39% of online shoppers say that a drone delivery option would not impact their purchasing decision, while 25% would be less likely to order an item delivered by drone. Several companies are working on drone delivery technology in 2020, including Amazon, Google´s parent company Alphabet (in partnership with FedEx) and UPS.

Alphabet´s subsidiary Wing Aviation began testing a commercial drone delivery program in Christiansburg, Va. this year.

Online shoppers said they are most excited about drone delivery´s potential of being faster (33%) and cheaper (21%) than other shipping methods. Experts say neither of those options may be consistently true, though.

Whether drone delivery is faster than other shipping methods depends on many factors, though, including the location of warehouses, airspace restrictions, and weather. Drone delivery will likely be more expensive than traditional shipping for now and may only be faster in certain environments.

Companies will continue to conduct extensive testing to minimize potential damage from drones. Package theft is an increasingly common issue for all delivery methods; scheduling drone delivery times or allowing for delivery to a consumer´s real-time location may minimize issues.

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