Cloudstreet demonstrates user devices making on-the-fly profile changes in LTE network

Nokia spin-off Cloudstreet, working with the US Department of Commerce´s PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research) program based at Boulder Labs, has run the first successful demonstration of user devices making machine or manual requests for a dynamic (on-the-fly) profile change in a standard LTE network.

While balancing and orchestrating device demands within the network to prevent overload, Cloudstreet´s DPC engine permits end user devices to transmit self-aware context changes dynamically to allow on-the-fly profile changes and ensure consistent and predictable quality of service.

Among the many critical applications that will leverage the advanced Cloudstreet/FirstNet system are mandated body cameras for state and local police, real-time surveillance and security monitoring systems as well as global data and voice communications across the entire continental US first responder network.

Overcoming the challenges of limited bandwidth for mission-critical monitoring and communications, Cloudstreet ensures the ability to guarantee connection quality and speed, thus delivering on a critical part of the public safety mandate. Along with strengthening the core telecom infrastructure that supports an array of vital services, this network-wide enhancement will serve to help balance available bandwidth for all.

Under a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement), PSCR and Cloudstreet have been at work toward today´s proof-of-concept for over a year. Currently enabled for the 3GPP LTE network, the system will provide some of the anticipated network capabilities of fifth generation, (5G) telecommunications some four years before their anticipated roll-out.

Founded in 2010, Cloudstreet is a cloud-based service platform for telecom operators, combining business and network layer technologies to provide context-specific bandwidth-on-demand, first developed at Nokia´s Silicon Valley campus.

Housed within the Department of Commerce Labs in Boulder, Colorado, the PSCR program is a joint effort between the National Institute of Standards and Technology´s Communications Technology Laboratory and the National Information and Telecommunications Administration´s Institute for Telecommunication Sciences.