CloudRail launches 'Universal API to Everything'

CloudRail said it has launched the “Universal API to Everything”.

This solution enables software developers to integrate their applications to all connected smart devices or cloud services via one single API.

APIs (application programming interfaces) allow apps and devices speak to one another. They enable the seamless connectivity that drives the Internet of Everything. But today many developers have become overwhelmed with multiple provider APIs with proprietary data formats and semantics. Each manual integration has become a time consuming task. In addition, providers struggle with making their data available to applications in a simple way and therefore lack developer reach for adoption of their services.

CloudRail said it has solved these problems, allowing software developers to use CloudRail for automatic integration into a broad offering of leading cloud services and smart devices. This includes the Top 10 service based APIs, e.g. Dropbox, Facebook, and connected home devices such as Nest and Philips Hue.