Cloudify chosen by Proximus to support NFV adoption

Belgium´s largest telecommunication company has chosen Cloudify´s cloud-native orchestration platform in its adoption of network functions virtualization (NFV), the company said.

Proximus, the provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services in Belgium, selected Cloudify as a part of a multi-vendor team tasked with helping the company implement a next-generation, virtualized cloud network.

Cloudify´s role is to provide the NFV management and orchestration and assist with the onboarding and deployment of virtualized network functions (VNFs).

The goal of the Proximus NFV adoption initiative is to transform the company´s traditional hardware-centric networks into virtualized, cloud-native, software-driven domains that are simpler to operate and cost less to maintain. With these more agile and efficient networks, Proximus will be able to react rapidly to market trends, deploy new services, enhance network security, and quickly scale services to meet customers´ changing needs.

Proximus´s NFV adoption project, which began last year, is currently in the design, VNF onboarding and acceptance-testing phase. Others contributing to the project include Cisco, F5, HPE, Palo Alto Networks, Red Hat, Spirent and Tech Mahindra. Proximus aims to begin delivery of virtualized production services to customers in 2018.

Cloudify specializes in IT operations automation technology that manages application and network services through open orchestration. The company´s Cloudify software enhances the velocity and reliability of software deployment, lifecycle management and network functions in cloud-native environments. Built and maintained by an open source community, Cloudify is used by telecoms, internet service providers, financial services firms, e-commerce companies and others for NFV operations and cloud management & orchestration.